June 9, 2007
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Tomcat & Lauren at the Russell Camsite

Commander Bob "Doc" Kutzner and his Indian

ALR Post 135 Adjutant Ron "Fox" Whipple's rig

Whipple's 1967 Oasis Antique

Tom "TC" Collins' Rig packed up

The famous "Love Mobile" of Mike & Shannon's

Harry "Paul Bunyan" Farstad's rig

The remains of our first campfire

Furball supplied by the Farstad's dog, Mango

Lauren Tascione, Ride Captain for the 4th Annual Brazos Run

Tom "Tomcat" Benthal, SAL President,  joining up

Robert Bell & Vanessa joining up

Our first stop at Whataburger on 377

The only road photos due to the chase vehicles

Final stop at the Exxon station at FM144 & Hwy 67 in Glen Rose

Harry outdid himseld this year with a huge campfire

Passing the Yukon Jack for the 24th Annual Yukon Jack for Breakfast Club meeting

The traditional "Reading of the Label"

On the river, running at 6,000 cubic feet per second

One of the few places we could stop due to the high river


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