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This is an example of how you may set up and organize a Pony Express network in your area. This is only an example and was established by Texas for the American Legacy Run. Included are Central PE Contacts, Descriptions, News Release, Promotional Flyers, PE Station Certificate, Ride Maps, PE Badge information, etc. Please feel free to utilize any or all of this information for organizing your area.



     Resurrecting a concept from the Wild West, we are creating a “Pony Express” delivery system using messengers that would involve every post in the nation for state and national level fund raising events. TO BE A REGISTERED AMERICAN LEGION PONY EXPRESS RIDER, YOU MUST SIGN UP AT .

     The American Legion’s first implementation of the Pony Express will be to deliver monetary donations (checks should be made out to The American Legacy Run) for the American Legacy Scholarship Fund to the National Commander at points along his route in The American Legion Rider’s Legacy Run. This fund will provide college money to deceased combat veteran’s children so they don’t miss out on a college education. The plan for the Department of Texas calls for all Texas American Legion PE Stations to deliver or send their collected donations for this fund to an American Legion PE Station central to their location that is willing to deliver centrally collected donations.  Then, a Pony Express Rider or Messenger (with a back up rider or a group) would be selected from each of those PE Stations to deliver those donations to one of eleven Key City PE Stations within about a hundred miles of their location.  Each of those eleven Key City PE Stations would select a rider, with back up rider or group, to deliver the cumulative donations to the next Key City PE Station in line towards the Central Texas collection PE Station, American Legion Riders Post 135 in Bedford.  One rider, with a backup or group, from ALR Post 135 would then take the cumulative donations to a Southern Oklahoma city where the Oklahoma Plan would take over to the sequenced delivery to Kansas, then hooking up with the National Commander at one of the overnight stops along his published route, see

     The same process would be planned for each state with central collection points eventually trickling into a state collection point then being ridden to a point along the Indianapolis to Utah route that Commander Tom Bock and his entourage will be taking on his run to the National Convention.  Those Western state Pony Express Rider deliveries from all locations will be scheduled to arrive at a designated time on the first day of the convention where news coverage would be most timely.  The Department of Texas planning template will be offered to each state for their planning purposes but, in each state, there must be one PE Station that is willing to organize their state’s ride.

    This idea has the potential of capturing the imaginations of a significant number of veterans, riders, and the public at large.  The drama of an old-styled Pony Express Ride could fire up many veteran riders wanting the honor of being a Pony Express Messenger.  Each PE Station is responsible to ensure their donations are carried by their Pony Express Messenger or a group of Messengers which will ride their donations to the next collection point. We also recommend that you assign at least two Messengers to carry your donation as pledges, not cash. This has the potential of collecting a lot of money for this charity and will catch the attention of all local and national media with significant news coverage as the Pony Express Run unfolds.  Strict route schedules will be planned to allow PE Station celebrations and media coverage of rider transfers at the designated points along each route, just like the Old West.  We plan on a Pony Express Ride poster styled after actual Pony Express posters from the old West with enough details to fire up imaginations.



     Gold Ride pins, styled after a replica of the actual Pony Express Rider badges of old, with the initials “A” and “L” on each side of the pony, can be offered for sale to the public to generate revenues for all PE Stations participating in this historic ride.  For riders, organizers and supporters, an American Legion Riders Pony Express pin with the “Messenger” designation will be available for sale. Participating American Legion PE Stations can share in this revenue stream by offering these pins for retail sale.  To purchase these Badges go to

A picture of the PE Badge may be seen at the bottom of this document.



Future Pony Express rides for charity will be at the discretion of American Legion State Departments or the National Commander.



Key Cities

  1. Corpus Christi
  2. San Antonio
  3. Houston
  4. Austin
  5. Waco
  6. Nagadoches
  7. Amarillo
  8. Lubbock
  9. Big Spring
  10. Abilene
  11. Bedford


Ride from the South

Ř      Brownsville & North to Corpus Christi

Ř      Corpus Christi & North to San Antonio

Ř      San Antonio & North to Austin

Ř      Austin & North to Waco

Ř      Waco & North to Bedford

Ř      Houston & North to Nagadoches

Ř      Nagadoches to Bedford


Ride from the East

Ř      Nagadoches & East to Bedford

Ř      Texarkana & East to Bedford


Ride from the West

Ř      Big Spring & East to Abilene

Ř      Abilene & East to Bedford


Ride from the North

Ř      Amarillo & South to Lubbock

Ř      Lubbock & South to Big Spring

Ř      Big Spring & East to Bedford

Ř      Wichita Falls & South to Bedford



  1. Select Key City rider PE Stations
    1. Contact them for their agreement to participate
  2. Prepare scheduled arrival times of outer riders to Key City PE Stations
    1. Allow extra time for riders to have a planned “loiter” in order to make strict scheduled arrival times
  3. Schedule Key City PE Station deliveries to next Key City PE Station deliveries in a line towards Bedford
  4. Schedule all arrivals to coincide at the same time in a convenient central collection PE Station.  For Texas, this is Bedford at ALR Post 135
  5. Schedule the PE Messenger to depart Bedford and arrive in Ardmore, Oklahoma
    1. Or give rider discretion to ride all the way to either the Indianapolis to Salt Lake City route for delivery or to the convention in Salt Lake City.
    2. Or give rider discretion to join the National Commander’s American Legacy Run in Salina, KS (junction of I-35 and I-70) and ride with them to Hay, KS (overnight stop) where the donations will be presented.
  6. Contact the Department of Texas for their assistance in planning and communications to all Texas American Legion PE Stations
  7. Prepare event posters for nationwide distribution
  8. Contact national leadership for their assistance in planning and communications to all American Legion PE Stations through each state department
  9. Plan riders route-joining cities along the Indianapolis to Salt Lake City route
    1. Also schedule their route-joining city scheduled arrival times (coordinate with national)
  10. Plan the  Salt Lake City convention arrival times for riders from the West and other states (coordinate with national)
    1. This will determine their scheduled departure times
    2. Notify Salt Lake City local and National Press
  11. Plan a press release for local and national media (coordinate with national)
  12. Plan scheduled arrival/departure celebrations with media coverage in Key Cities or at any PE Station wishing to hold a celebration.



To be determined by each state Department, for communications.



     In the future, the American Legion Pony Express could be used to facilitate future Texas or national fund raising efforts utilizing the same communications, route and schedule templates for city to city and state to state transfers of donations.  It is predicted that American Legion Riders nationwide will covet the honor of becoming American Legion Pony Express Riders.



Ron “Fox” Whipple

American Legion Riders Post 135 Historian

American Legion Pony Express Texas Coordinator

Contact for wholesale Pony Express Pin bulk orders only (see your local PE Station for retail sales)

Bedford, Texas

Cell:  817-729-7826



Bob “Doc” Kutzner

American Legion Riders Post 135 1st Vice Commander

American Legion Pony Express National Coordinator

Bedford, Texas

Cell:  817-422-4008                Checks made payable to “The American Legacy Run”







Your Legion PE Station Representative goes here:



Bedford, Texas, July 4, 2006 – Resurrecting a concept from the Wild West, a group of American Legion members in Texas is forming a nationwide volunteer group within the American Legion to deliver collected donations for the American Legacy Scholarship Fund to the 88th National American Legion Convention in Salt Lake City, August 23-26th.

American Legion motorcycle riders, along with cars and buses, will be traveling 1,700 miles from American Legion Headquarters in Indianapolis to The American Legion National convention in Salt Lake City, August 18th through the 22nd, lead by their National Commander, Thomas Bock, to publicize the American Legacy Scholarship Fund that will provide college money for children of deceased combat veterans. The group will, for a time, be following part of the original Pony Express Route, which began in St. Joseph, Missouri and ended in Salt Lake City. See

Organized in Texas, volunteers dubbed “Pony Express Messengers,” wearing replicas of the original Pony Express Messenger badges, will travel from the farthest reaches of the state along saddlebag transfer routes to collect and transfer donations to this worthwhile charity to a North Central Texas location in time for a Messenger delivery at one of the stopping points of the National Commander’s route to Salt Lake City.

Each American Legion Post in every state in the nation has been invited to help organize their state and participate in this worthwhile endeavor by asking for Pony Express Messenger volunteers to follow a similar plan set in motion in Texas.

Local and national media will be invited to attend strictly scheduled transfer celebrations at American Legion PE Station meeting halls in towns both small and large across the nation to culminate in Salt Lake City, Utah at the beginning of the American Legion National Convention on August 23, 2006.

For detailed information outside the State of Texas regarding routes and scheduled Pony Express Messenger transfer celebrations, please contact Robert Kutzner via email or call 817-422-4008. 

For detailed information within the State of Texas contact Ron Whipple via email at .


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