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We applaud your devotion to the Pony Express because your dedication is the kind of dedication that drives the success of our efforts to help veterans.  That is our ONLY business.  We firmly believe the success of the Pony Express is because it is simply a concept that fires the imagination, gives guts to the feelings of wanting to help veterans, and has no restrictions that sometimes makes doing that so hard . . .





1. The Pony Express was resurrected to provide a means by which thousands of non-Legion and Legion members could participate together in the support of Americanism.


2. The name Pony Express was chosen because in the hearts of Americans it continues to represent the spirit of America and the romance of the Old West. The Pony Express is still an icon that strikes the imagination of patriotic Americans.


3. There is no application form, no membership, no rules, no dues, and no control at any level other than the PE Station. There is NO COST nor is there any work requested of The American Legion Nationally, Departmentally, or at any level.


4. The Pony Express is an Email Contact List forming a national network of Messengers willing to participate in American Legion sanctioned events. Participation is established and maintained to support American Legion events by transferring what has been put in their charge from one Pony Express Station to another or one Pony Express Messenger to another through large areas, states, or nationally.


5. Just like a mailman has no responsibility regarding the content of what they carry, the Pony Express Messengers participating in American Legion sanctioned charities take no responsibility other than safe delivery of what has been put in their charge.  Whatever controls are established between whoever asks a Pony Express Messenger to carry something for them is strictly their business and no one else’s.  Pony Express Messengers do not carry American Legion Funds.  Pony Express Messengers carry funds at the request of Pony Express Stations or other donators, from Pony Express Stations or other donators to the American Legion representative designated by that Pony Express Station or donator and funds do not become the property of the American Legion, or under their control, until delivered.


6. The Pony Express Committee, members are the PE State Coordinators chaired by the PE National Coordinator, are willing to keep, secure, and maintain the PE website updated and operational. The Pony Express Committee shall act as a central coordinator for Pony Express events. It is the intention of this Pony Express Committee to act only as a facilitator to assist others in planning their Pony Express Messenger Ride Plans.  The same facilitator help is also volunteered by whoever has been duly elected by the PE Messengers to take the lead as Pony Express Coordinator nationally.  The title “National” does not refer to an organizational position but instead refers to a geographic area of responsibility. The Pony Express National Coordinator is the chairperson for the Pony Express Committee, represents and speaks for the Pony Express Committee, handles all communication from and to the Pony Express Committee, and nationally coordinates the ride plans of Pony Express Messengers who ask for help contacting other Pony Express Messengers for the purpose of coordinating their own ride plans.


7. It is strongly recommended that Pony Express Messengers / Stations make sure that all of their affiliated Pony Express Messengers / Stations are registered with the Pony Express Committee as a Pony Express Messenger or Station, respectively, on the Pony Express Email Contact List administered centrally by the Pony Express Committee. The purpose here is to ensure that all Pony Express Messengers are affiliated with a Pony Express Station and that this affiliation can be verified on the Pony Express Email Contact List.


8. There is no limit to the number of Pony Express Stations a Pony Express Messenger is affiliated with and there is no limit to the number of Pony Express Messengers a Pony Express Station is affiliated with.


9. The Pony Express has three main arms for engagement: The Pony Express National Coordinator, the State Coordinators and the Station Masters they are in direct contact with each other to assure the coordination of all Pony Express Messengers and Stations. This affiliation is intended to be a voluntary working relationship, mutually agreed upon; never imposed.




1. Pony Express Messenger participation is open to anyone.


2. It is strongly recommended that Pony Express Messengers not carry money donations.  Rather than checks, the best method of donation transfer is by pledge. If checks are given to the Pony Express Messenger, the check/s should be made out to the charity and appropriate accounting implemented between the donator and the Messenger should be worked out to the satisfaction of the donator who maintains ownership of any funds until they are transferred.


3. There is no requirement for the mode of transportation the Pony Express Messenger uses and compliance with all state laws and DOT requirements are the personal responsibility of each Pony Express Messenger.





1. Anyone may request the Pony Express for an event by contacting the Pony Express Committee via the PE National Coordinator. As a courtesy to The American Legion we accept event requests that are submitted through the American Legion Commander responsible for the area the event involves; District, Division, County, Department, or National. That Commander, or designee, may choose to activate the Pony Express by notifying the Pony Express Committee via the PE National Coordinator.


2. Upon confirmation of a call for activation of the Pony Express, an email should be sent as a “blind carbon copy” (Bcc) to those Pony Express Messengers that are applicable to the area covered by the event. Bcc is used to protect the privacy of Pony Express Messengers. It is understood that no Messenger will share the Pony Express contact email list with persons not associated the Pony Express.  This is to protect Messengers and prevent email addresses from be connected to Spam.


3. Those Pony Express Messengers that wish to participate should respond to the Pony Express Committee via email indicating their willingness to participate in the sanctioned event. Subsequent to this volunteering, the Pony Express Committee should gather the list of Pony Express Messengers that responded via email with their willingness to participate in the sanctioned event. The Pony Express Committee should send out an email to each of them, along with a Carbon Copy (Cc) to each, requesting that they use the Cc’d list to contact each other and coordinate their participation in the event, contact their affiliated Stations, and establish a ride plan. Once completed this information should be emailed to the Pony Express Committee. The Pony Express Committee should act as a central repository and information headquarters for others participating, or wishing to participate, in the event for the purpose of facilitating the Pony Express Network operation.



How To Become a Pony Express Messenger


1. To become a Pony Express Messenger or a Station one has to simply give PE Central their contact information:


2. For a PE Messenger the information requested is their contact email address and phone number along with their affiliated Pony Express Station/s address, city, state, contact email address, and phone number.


3. For a PE Station the information requested is address, city, state, contact email and phone number along with their affiliated PE Messenger/s contact email address and phone number. A PE Messengers contact email and phone number may serve as the Pony Express Station’s contact email address and phone number.



Event Administration


1. Although the Pony Express provides exposure of an event to the community, its basic mission is to support events by relaying what has been put in their charge to a designated point. Further participation of the Pony Express to include marketing and planning is at the discretion of the Pony Express participants and the events initiator.


2. It must be remembered that there is no governing body for the Pony Express Messengers handling of donations but the handling of those donations is the responsibility of the affiliated Pony Express Station/s or donators who raised the money. The Pony Express Station/s or donators must approve handling of donations in every point of the Pony Express network. It is, in fact, their donations being transferred and, therefore, their ultimate responsibility.


3. A Messenger may carry what is in his charge to the next Station, to the next Messenger, part of the way, or all the way to the final destination, picking up transfers along his planned route with the prior approval of the affiliated Station/s and donators.


4. The Pony Express Messenger should relay with another Pony Express Messenger at a location other than a Pony Express Station if, and only if, each Pony Express Station affiliated with each Pony Express Messenger involved in this relay is notified and approves.


5. The Pony Express Station or donator has the right to choose their Messenger and to utilize a particular Pony Express Messenger, or not. Conversely, any Pony Express Messenger may decline what a Pony Express Station wants to put in their charge if they are unwilling or unable to comply with that Station’s reporting/handling requirements.  Any control of funds is the business of the Station/s and/or donators, fund-raisers or the owner of those funds and they are solely responsibility for its transfer, making any transfer arrangements they deem appropriate for their funds.



Pony Express Badges and Intellectual Property


1.  American Legion Riders Post 135, Bedford, Texas, should provide Stations with Pony Express Badges and intellectual property license for bulk orders, at wholesale prices, so that Stations may sell retail, at a substantial profit, to increase their revenues for charitable purposes.


2.  American Legion Riders Post 135, Bedford, Texas, may provide Pony Express Badges and intellectual property license for bulk orders, at discounted wholesale prices, to The American Legion Emblem Sales.


4. For more information regarding bulk wholesale or retail sales contact the Pony Express Committee member in charge of sales. 





Every sanctioned event should have a ride plan coordinated with identified Pony Express Messengers and Pony Express Stations. Each Pony Express Station is responsible for governing their donations and for entrusting their donations to a Pony Express Messenger they authorize, at their sole discretion.  Pony Express Messengers are sworn to follow their Pony Express Station’s rules for the care of what has been put in their charge and must ensure that what is put in their charge is delivered to its authorized destination. 




This is the Declaration of the Pony Express.

It cannot be amended, subjugated, deleted, or otherwise changed.

Approved and Passed by the Pony Express Committee on 6/22/2006.




Contact The Pony Express NC


Eagle "Many Hats" Levy

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